Selling Your Public Shell

Are you the control person of a Publicly traded entity with little or no assets? Would you like to relieve yourself of the obligations of running a public company? Are you tired of angry stockholders, auditors, Sarbanes Oxley compliance, and dealing with the headache of running a public company? Do you have the ability to provide a control block of your companies shares, either directly or indirectly? Strategic Capital Advisors purchases shell companies directly as principle on both the over the counter (OTC-BB) market, as well as companies traded in the Pink Sheets.

While there are many factors that go into the decision of what value is left for a publicly traded shell, such as the control block available, free versus restricted shares, warrants, options, and previous covenants with financing parties, reporting status, SEC issues, etc., Strategic Capital Advisors will be glad to evaluate your public shell. If it seems to have a value, we can make you an offer directly as a principal. We have the financial resources and the technical know-how to conduct such transactions and close quickly and efficiently, if deemed appropriate.

Unfortunately we cannot deal with brokers and must deal only with officers, principals, or control shareholders directly.

Please submit you company symbol and a brief description of the status for a quick evaluation to Robb Rill at [email protected]