Investment in Companies as Principal

Do you have a company that is in need of an investment partner which principally operates on the Internet? Strategic Capital Advisors uses it's expertise from its portfolio of Internet related businesses, and makes direct investments in companies whose core business involves the Internet and related technologies. Strategic Capital Advisors invests in almost all Internet related entities that want to capitalize on the power of the Internet as part of their business plan. We are not Investment Bankers, and take both minority and majority positions in companies, directly as a principal. We do not invest in start ups, but rather are looking for existing scalable businesses, especially in software, business to business, business to consumer, finance, real estate, and e-commerce. Not only do we bring capital infusion to the table, but can leverage our experience and relationships with our other investments, in order to utilize effective strategies that transfer across from our other portfolio companies. Experience in areas such as Going Public, Internet Law, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Payment Systems, Outsourcing, CRM, Receivables Financing, Joint Alliances with Industry Partners, etc., can actually provide a company with tools and resources, that simple investment dollars can't.

Strategic Capital Advisors is typically looking to make investments in earlier stage companies, (Sub 5MM in sales), although such candidates must be beyond the startup phase, and posses management that is willing to stay committed to the project in both time and personal capital commitment, to see the venture to success. Our goal is to be strategic investment and consultancy partners, and not take over daily operations.

Strategic Capital is also looking to make investments in Internet based companies throughout the world with particular interest in the Asian, and European markets, which have opened up newer opportunities that previously did not exist recently in such areas due to regulation, infrastructure issues, or technology constraints that previously may have limited such opportunities. Although our focus is Internet related properties, we are also interested in real estate investment opportunities that can compliment our investment portfolio with particular interest in small scale real estate development projects, condo conversions, etc..

If you feel your company fits this criteria, please email Strategic Capital Advisors an executive summary with basic financials, so we may evaluate your company, and discuss whether it may be an appropriate fit with our existing investments and strategy.

Please email Robb Rill at [email protected] with an executive summary for a quick evaluation.